It’s fair to say that the year 2020 has felt like ten years compressed into one. That is not a complaint, just a statement of fact. It’s preferable to not recount the list of horrors we have endured and take a moment to look and feel forward.

As a blog we have had our fair set of successes and setbacks. By changing .net to .com our viewership plummeted. We went from day of 30,000 and 1,000 viewers per day to barely 100 at present time. Thank you 100 people. As a number cruncher this bothers me. As a person, I say so what? So much for success. It keeps us humble. We are like fine wine that needs time and work to reach its peak. Yet, as the saying goes, “she persisted.”

Our subject categories grew by two: Political Satire and Sweet Passion: Collecting.

The Political Satire category has run a numbered series and is up to 35 articles by now. It has covered a huge ground of what is happening in the political arena and how it affects us. It has been well received and other blogs have requested permission to reprint! It felt like the invite to the prom!

The Awesome Stuff category continues to look at and see all things beautiful and wonderful. How a drop of water forms. Why do Sunflowers face each other when sunlight dims? How do trees speak to each other? The sentient planet. Being a garbage woman. This category focuses on the plight of Planet Earth and Humanity.

The Brainiack category is more about science and how science defines the confines of magic. We believe that magic exists. We also believe that magic is science undiscovered. This category explored the subject of is the human species extinct and living in a simulated reality. Science fiction does not hold a candle to this. If so, wouldn’t you want to know. I would, for sure. It would be like looking at time backwards. Since we are the dawn of life or death of our planet host, it is plausible that we are already extinct and just a micro chip. Wish they would have made me taller! We also discovered in Branniak that the human race are aliens! I kid you not. Read it. You could reach the same conclusion we did.

Our Finance category is covering the basics of financial language and what exactly does each term mean. How can anyone make informed decisions without clear and concise knowledge of the terms fed to you in the small print. We are hoping to condense the definition part and jump into the simplification of number exercises. How to analyze stock? How to analyze bonds? Plus other investment instruments. It’s easier than you think. When the formulas get icky, we use calculators. Don’t worry its a breeze so sharpen you pencils.

Our Metro Gourmet category is about food. We plan to expand this segment to include nutrition. We have over a hundred recipes, mostly cooked by yours truly. We plan on monthly special feature with recipes a bit more complex than we have blogged so far. Maybe a Chocolate Soufflé, Mediterranean B’stilla, full spread Japanese Tempura and other niceties with the proper table setting. We believe that setting a table is an artform. Wait for it. We are sharpening those knives.

The Healthy Living category focuses all that we can do to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of our families. This ranges from natural home remedies to how to meditate. OM MANI PADME HUM.

The Good Vibes category is focused on surprises along the way that bring joy into our lives. Not bad to tap into once in a while.

The Funky Wonky category explores the unusual. Breaking all the rules. We likey.

The Politics category serves the purpose of alerting you to all the daggers our politicians are trying to sick to us. These are many.

The Talking pets category makes me feel like Howard Hughes and his mega planes that would not lift off the ground. But, I will no give up. This may well be the year I get these pets to talk. Just wait for it.

So far Capricorn Science has posted about 850 articles. Subscribers read it like a magazine meaning 50 or 60 different articles per day. Our readers range as far a 60 countries per day! Makes us feel lightheaded and giddy.

We remain committed to continuing our work because we seek to connect each other in the land of common knowledge. Connectivity is a fascinating subject that we plan to explore greatly during 2021.

The three of us, Lucy Yez from Research and Development, Kelvin Velez, Technical Support and this only writer wish you a safe and wonderful 2021.

I cannot leave without expressing my sincerest condolences to the families who have lost people this god awful year. It hurts doesn’t start to cover it. Godspeed.

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Keep up to date with our new blog posts.

We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible.


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