8 ounces of bittersweet chocolate, chopped

24 Ladyfingers – if store bought bake 10-15 minutes on a cookie sheet at 375 degrees.

2 cups espresso coffee

6 eggs, separated

8 teaspoons of sugar

1 pound Mascarpone : (blend 1.5 lb Ricotta and 1 cup heavy cream in food processor until light and cream forms)

Mix egg yolks with sugar lightly with wood spoon. ( I use my hand beater). Mix until sugar is incorporated and turns a lighter color.

Add Mascarpone ( or mixture) and stir gently. (fold)

In large bowl mix egg whites until stiff. ( I use kitchen aid)

Fold egg whites gently into Mascarpone/ egg yolk mixture.

Chop chocolate into small but coarse pieces.

Dip chocolate into coffee. Don’t let them get too soggy.

Make two layers, cookie – mixture – chocolate, into a rectangular baking dish.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate two hours prior to serving.

Notes: The first thing I prepare is the coffee and put it in the refrigerator to cool so the ladyfingers don’t crumble. When you dip them, do it quickly.

Chop the chocolate right after you made the coffee and set it aside.

You will need three bowls: large for the egg whites, I use the Kitchen Aid bowl. The food processor bowl for the Mascarpone. A medium bowl for the sugar and egg yolk mixture, I use a bowl which fits the hand beater with comfort.

When you place the ladyfinger on the cookie sheet make sure to place the suggary side upwards since facing down they will stick.

Another note: the top picture is not of my Tiramisu. Can’t find one but this is more or less how mine looks. I’ll replace the picture as soon as I find mine.

Have fun. Tiramisu is heaven on Earth.


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