Our ego has an important job giving each person a sense of self-esteem or self-importance. Human being have allowed our ego to dictate how we see and interpret the world around us . Man at the center of the universe. The sun surrounding planet Earth. This ego led to chest thumping idiocy and criminal behavior towards everything that isn’t manly, testicular. Science has stripped these lies, taking a very long time and leaving many unattended casualties along the way. We slaughter, chop down, burn to the ground everything in our sight. Habit has become a right and this right has been written into law and there appears to be no stopping this massacre any time soon.

My lifelong love of science taught me some new lessons this year. New to me is that trees can communicate with each other and share needed nutrients to sick fellow trees. Trees also have a circulatory system and something similar to a heartbeat.

Flowers can sense the buzzing of nearby bees and sweeten their blooms in their mating call. Lawns scream in horror and pain when chopped. These are just tidbits that I pick up here and there. There must be much more available data of the persona of nature.

We, humans, are but a small part of the big picture, and must learn to take our place in evolution. We need to stop and acknowledge that the entire planet is a sentient being. We must learn respect, if love is an impossibility. We must find our place in the art of nature, the symmetry of life. Until this exercise is accomplished we face peril and annihilation. Scientist are saying we have 11 years left to save this beautiful sentient being called Planet Earth. Wake yourself up and realize that you have a big hand in the destruction and pain and horror that surrounds us. I wish you well. I wish you an awakening.


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