As each new day starts, while still in bed, I run through my mind a list of things I need to take care of. I often tell myself that “I’m laze”, that “I’m falling behind”, and other negative thoughts. It’s really unlike me to stuff negative energies into myself. This Sunday morning, I decide to prove myself wrong and create the visual incentive. The picture was taken about 5:00 AM. Notice that it’s still pitch black outside. I did try to create various pictures from this main image but they turned out too grainy so this will have to do.

To-Do-Lists and this post are mainly about measuring time-management versus my laziness. It’s only fair to mention that getting this image onto this page took over half an hour since WordPress seemed to be doing some king of maintenance work. Maybe they are cleaning house also.

As of 9:00AM I have fed all my dogs, birds, turtles, feral cats and chickens and myself. Dishes are hand washed trying to help stop global warning but it takes time. Treats, carrots, fresh broccoli, fresh water has also been served to those who share my life and my space.

Let’s talk about the picture. (yawn)

1-The red cardboard bottom has plastic wrapping on the bottom and it has been placed under my feral cats food dish to help fend off biting ants. What’s the point of feeding them if they suffer to access the food. Ants and I are at a constant battle. The box is in place and so is their food. (Diluted Vel soap worked wonders on their nasty disposition killing them dead.) DONE

2-The red candle has been lit and place in the entrance of the foyer. Smells good. DONE

3-The two cans of carpet spray are intended to clean my hand-make rugs which need it in desperation. I’ve already pulled them together and I’ll spraying them in a bit. Bad for the environment but I need to live too. DONE

4-The bottle of Pledge Oil is ready to finish spraying and wiping the wood of the kitchen cabinets. This job is half done. PENDING. STILL PENDING.

5-The adjacent can of WD-40 is for an experiment to remove rust stains from my white floors. Floods during hurricanes left furniture prints on my floor so I’m armed with a recommended idea, spray the WD40 on the offensive area, allow it to sit and then rub with a harsh sponge. I’ll let you know if this works. SPRAYED BUT NOT REMOVED YET. / GOOD NEWS. THIS WORKS! NICE. RUST NO MORE.

6-That tube and dispenser are for sealing window sills. My entire house had all the windows sealed twice but there is still one leaking and yours truly, the handy woman, intends to do the work. I’ll need help loading the tube into the dispenser since it has another thingy on the side which makes no sense to me. My front neighbor, an architect, told me that I must cover the area with paint after the sealer dries. So Imma going to be doing some painting too, although not today. That goes on another to-do-list. Lordy save me. PENDING /STILL PENDING.

7-The empty vitamin bottle is very hard and perfect for my Doberman Sophia to exercise those matador jaws. King dog products made for her breed do not stand a 5 minute test. SHE LOVES IT!

8-The black stack next to bottle-dog toy are two DVD players that suffered humidity damage after the past hurricane. I was going to dispose of them until my cousin insisted I should first check them out. THEY WORK!!! NOW I NEED TO FIND A DMCI? CABLE TO CONNECT TO THE SAMSUNG SMART TV. NEARLY THERE. / PENDING THE NEW CABLE.

9-The empty Dawn detergent is waiting for a minimal refill to leave in the garage rinse-the-mop-area. DONE

10-The cans of Bar Keepers Friend await cleaning all my copper and brass pans. Most likely not happening today but unless I shame myself, it will never happen. See? I’m lazy-piggy. PENDING. /STILL PENDING.

11-Perfect Stainless bottle are to wipe the steel refrigerator, oven and microwave and the other bottle is for wiping the countertop “to perfection.” I am so not obsessed with this. But I’ll do it. Shinny cabinets and equipment full of finger tip marks dull the joy of being a cleaning lady? Have you noticed that my sarcasm increases by the second? PENDING. / STILL PENDING.

12-The plastic bag with the thongy-thing is to pick up the white dog hair my groomer left flying around the front of my house. It’s disgusting. I pay for this. I will also continue to pick the interiors of the comforter which the dogs have decided was too nice for them and are taking it apart. Tropical snow? We live in the tropics. PENDING TO FINISH./ FINISHED

13-Two Amazon readers, the DX and Fire is to be traded in for a discount? The DX cost me over $400. Watch them offer 10 cents. I’ll keep you posted. PENDING/ AMAZAN OFFERS $5 GIFT CARD PER ITEM. I’M THINKING THAT THE PACKING AND TAKING TO THE POST OFFICE IS MORE TROUBLE THAN I WANT TO GO THROUGH. SO IT’S A NO GO AMAZON!

A note to my readers. The reason I’m doing this because I need to push myself and because 99% of the females I know seem to enjoy housework. I fall on the 1% and to add insult to injury I am very bad at it. So, Let the games begin. I’ll check back in tomorrow or maybe later tonight to give you an update. Wish me luck.

If this bored subject you, I Iike you!

Happy Sunday.

Thank you for reading.


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We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible.
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