Sometimes a routine day offers up a surprise event that lingers and makes us wonder for a long time to come.

While running errands this morning, kind of on automatic pilot, go here, then go there, do this then do that kind of day. Pleasant enough but systematic, automatic, without rhyme or rhythm. As I drove to my next errand I saw a black cat start to cross a road while a black SUV is driving towards it. I think to myself that cats are smart and little fella will hurry up a bit. But no, he/she just sashayed slowly in front of the car. The driver stopped the vehicle. The slow walking cat was now on my lane and I, of course, stopped my car while it continued crossing. Don’t think of a sickly or exhausted walk. More like a model in a Paris runway kind of walk.

Once the black cat had safely crossed the street and continued on it’s way the other driver and I waved at each other as if we knew some secret about this black cat. It’s difficult to explain but there was an intense knowing crossing between this stranger black cat and this other person and I. Maybe the secret will be unraveled in our dreams. I’ll let you know.


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