The preservation of each species is dependent of many events taking place but let’s skip directly to copulation necessary to perpetuate each species. In order for the opposite sexes of birds, bees, human, fish, reptiles to happen the want and wanted factor needs to take place. My question is: “Does beauty exist exclusively to perpetuate each species? Is the primary purpose of beauty to attract and reproduce? Does beauty serve any other purpose? Nature is calculating and precise. Nature is also economical in how it invests it’s time and resources.

The closer I look at what biologist have to say about how flowers interact with bees and how trees communicate with each other, the more convinced I am that every minute detail in each and every living thing is totally calculated and with a purpose. If I’m allowed, I will conclude that beauty is totally calculated and nothing about beauty is spontaneous. Beauty is a calculated act of engineering.

The cute factor in infants is traceable to baby dinosaurs. This cuteness is intended to keep the parents attracted and therefore attached to their offspring offering nutrition and protection. Maybe if babies weren’t cute they would be left to fend for themselves and die making the preservation of each species more difficult.


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