” I sat with my anger long enough until she told me real name was grief.”-The Minds Journal

These word replayed in my mind over and over for several weeks. In one capsule it addressed my thoughts on introspection, anger, self-hatred, self-forgiveness, loss and letting go to the now moment of our lives.

While reflecting on these issues another quote came to mind:

” You cannot suffer the past or the future because they do not exist. What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination. – Parichith. This seems so obvious to me that it’s simplicity and clarity took me by surprise. A pleasant surprise since finding any measure of peace could and should be on everyone’s agenda.

Let’s address the role of anger in depression. What does anger turned inward mean? When anger turns inward you might be excessively self-critical and suffer from low self esteem. Maybe Alexander Pope summed it up best when he said: “to be angry is to revenge the fault of others upon ourselves.” Anger turned inward is depression. Depression therefore is anger turned inward. Identifying this situation is step number one towards self-forgiveness.

How to forgive oneself?

1-Realize that the past is in the past. Accept that what is done is done.

2-Recognize unrealistic expectations.

3-Identify the hurt.

4-Embrace self-acceptance.

5-Put things into perspective

6-Do not be afraid to start anew.

7-Look after yourself.

Come to terms with the fact that self-deception makes self-forgiveness difficult. Imagine yourself as someone you love. Then love yourself. It’s okay to do so.

This little roadmap is designed as a wake up pill to finding some peace in our lives. Carrying baggage that contributes nothing but pain and suffering needs to be left at the train station and allow our gait to become lighter and happier. After all the only true currency of our lives is time. How we invest it is of upmost importance. Learn to be a happier you. Recognize and process that rage. Then just forgive yourself and step into another zone, a life without guilt. Learn to love yourself. This is important.

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