There is a quiet and sometimes loud conversation going on between women. Who is a woman, and who is not a woman? I’m hearing heated discussions, accusatory tones, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings among friends.

Let’s put the pieces of the puzzle on the table. Women are and always have been the underdog of humanity. The poorest demographic in the world is women with children. World governments, monarchies, dynasties, totalitarian governments, and all the other forms of organized societal organizations concur on one subject, and that is that women are to be contained, addressed, and treated as less than the balance of society, which are men. So far, the pieces of the puzzle are all forms of government, women with children and men.

How these primary pieces interact is directly affected by their economics. Women get paid less for the same job having the same qualifications. Women have fewer opportunities to rise beyond middle management at all levels of society, including government. This is where the expression glass ceiling comes from. We can see what’s above us but can never reach it. Ask Hillary Clinton and millions of other women if this is true or not. We work harder, we push longer, and try every way possible to stay afloat. It’s really hard for women to survive in this world which needs us but doesn’t want us unless cooking, cleaning, birthing, and sexual favors are involved. You know I speak the truth.

For a couple of decades, life got just a little bit easier for some women. A few doors opened up, and we rapidly slipped through. Then came, what I call, the rubberband effect, snapping us back to the dark ages of abortions by hangers and rags covering our faces. It’s bad, really bad for women these days. Then to add insult to injury, males who had come out as homosexual started to diversify into branches.

Let’s make a pause before you start getting too excited. We have brought every single human being into this world. You, every single one of you, are our children. We are creators on Earth. We love and nourish our children with our life and our souls. So when our children’s sexual orientation is revealed to most mothers, it’s just another bit of information about our son or daughter.

It should make no difference how the mating between adults plays out. There should be no need for clarifications, announcements, or anything public that needs to remain private. My personal opinion during my entire life has been that I don’t care who you have sex with as long as it isn’t my husband or children are involved.

Suddenly, I’m hearing comments on social media about how Trans women are women, punto! Well, I strongly disagree. Why? Because if Trans women are women, what am I? I was born packing a vagina, not a penis. My DNA identifies me as female, something a Trans sister cannot claim. None of this would have mattered if we, the women, had not noticed a trend of Trans Women entering the female sports arena to compete against biological women and displacing them. So, should all women involved in professional sports pack it up and go home, allowing Trans women and males to take up the arenas? No way!

Women and Trans Women are sisters, but we are not twins. Let’s not get foolish, and let’s learn boundaries and respect each other. Failure to do so will create grounds for misunderstanding and hurt feelings when none are necessary. Remember, Trans Women, you are my daughter, my sister, my mother, my aunt, or even my lover. Our common ground is great and cherished, but remember where you come from.

Love, a biological woman.

Thank you for reading.

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Marlene Simpkins · September 3, 2023 at 5:52 AM

Excellent, this explains it all.

    Mercedes Jenouri · September 3, 2023 at 8:28 AM

    Happy Sunday and thank you.

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