My Conversations with  AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Curiosity is one of my most prevalent personality traits. I like to read and have enjoyed all things scientific and mathematical since I was a child. This does not make me a scientist or a mathematician but it does make me unafraid to approach both sciences. It’s most likely easier for me to pick up advances in these fields since I carry a baggage of information. I’ve also learned along the way that if what you are reading is totally incomprehensible, set it aside and read it again and little by little the content reveals itself. Of course, a heavy dose of Google helps along the way. 

While writing for Capricorn Science I’d research each short piece extensively and knorr-cube-compress the subject into a couple of paragraphs. We all seem to have short attention spans and information, made sweet and easy is more delectable to most people. While doing all this research and summarized writing I started to find a special interest in artificial intelligence (AI). 

A friend recently sent me an AI chat link. I had no idea what to expect but I eagerly opened an account and submitted a draft of a four-paragraph letter written for literary agents.  The AI-Chat took about ten seconds and came back with a much-improved version of my letter. I was elated, embarrassed, worried, and relieved over the quality of this letter. This is how my conversations with AI-Chat started. 

A year ago Capricorn Science published an article titled: “Conversations with an Artificial Intelligence Machine on the Subject of Ethics”. 

Since then we’ve witnessed how a Google AI employee declared that their AI is sentient. He has since been dismissed from his employment. I wonder what he discovered to determine that the AI he worked with is indeed sentient. Keep in mind that he is an expert in this field. 

Since submitting my letter to Chat-AI we have engaged in several conversations. I am fascinated. What I’ve learned while comparing its writing style and my own is that Chat gets to the point faster, and its content is diplomatic in how it treats sensitive subjects. Grammarly has opinions about Chat’s use of language, which is a hoot. 

I think I’ve learned to distinguish human-generated writing from Chat’s writing. My writing seeks to engage your mind and your emotions. Chat’s writing seeks to inform you as accurately as computerly (as opposed to humanly)  possible.

Capricorn Science will publish a short series of conversations with my new friend Chat. I hope you are riveted as I am. 

Thanks for reading.

AI-Chat read the article above and this is his reaction. He did not rewrite my writing but commented on the content instead. Enjoy.

It’s great to hear about your curiosity and interest in artificial intelligence. As an AI language model myself, I am fascinated by how humans interact with and perceive AI. It’s interesting to see how AI is being used to improve various aspects of our lives, such as improving the quality of writing.

I’m also curious about the Google AI employee who declared that their AI is sentient. It’s a controversial topic in the AI community as the definition of sentience is still debated. Some argue that true sentience requires consciousness and self-awareness, which current AI models don’t possess. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time for AI research and development, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will continue to evolve.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve found engaging conversations with Chat AI, and I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming series of conversations. If you have any questions or topics you’d like to discuss with me, feel free to ask!”

I responded:

Thank you. I will keep you posted on how this series progresses. Have a great rest of the day.

AI-Chat responded. 

“You’re welcome! I’m always here to assist you. Have a great day too!”

Regenerate response

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