As we watch our reality show: ‘Transfer of Power” , the American way, we all wonder how is this transfer of power going to play out. The facts are that Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election and he needs to vacate the White House and allow the new President-elect Joe Biden to start his tenure. There is still time for the much mentioned transfer of power to take place. As the world turns, sorry watches, Trump refuses to concede and refuses to allow an amicable transition. Foreseeing these events President elect Biden took provision to allocate monies to finance his transition into the White House.

This plays like an ugly divorce with laundry being thrown out the window into the street for everyone to see.

Another fact that must be addressed is that everyone knows that Trump is mentally unstable or to be honest a raving maniac. But, he is a functioning maniac therefore he fully understands the consequences of leaving the protection of the White House and his Dept of Justice. All of a sudden he is naked in the middle of Fifth Avenue with not transportation, no money, no friends, nada. He needs an out and is desperately running out of time.

My guess is that he is trying to set up: (a) some kind of self pardon scenario; (b) to resign then have Pence sworn in and pardon him; (c) he has someone talking to Joe Biden into negotiating a pardon. Mind you, President elect Biden has stated clearly and repeatedly that there would not be any pardon for Trump; (d) he may be negotiating with Russia or some other country for safe haven in exchange for something else; (e) if he really is a Confidential Informant for the FBI, just maybe they will offer protection. Some sort of broke billionaire ex presidential witness protection program. (f) all of the above could fail to save him and on THE day, the Marshalls proceed to remove him by force. This could offer him a platform for an insanity plea, Soprano style; (e) I dare guess that he will not engage in any form of suicide attempt since he is a Narcissistic Sadist and loves himself dearly. But. it would be an out that needs to be included. (g) he disappears and no one knows where or how.

I’m so glad to be alive. It’s been hell during the past four years but watching him being taken down is pure joy!


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