We have learned so many amazingly terrible things about The Donald, as he was called during the seventies, when his head had hair and girth was flat. His family is European. His father was a pimp and owned buildings in the Bronx. He later grew his business and had property in Manhattan. Stories abound about how he mistreated his poor tenants, specially those of color. Family stories quote his harsh and critical hand towards his children. He was Mob connected. When he died, he left Donald somewhere in the neighborhood of half a billion dollars.

The told the story about how he got a one million dollar loan from his dad and developed his real estate empire. Needless to say that Trump lied about the sum and about the fact that he blew the money into dirt.

Trump follows his fathers footsteps in his disdain and mistreatment of women and minorities. He is a professional thief. Anything that he can steal, he will. It’s fair to say that he is a kleptomaniac in the largest of scales.

His business model is parasitic. He seeks “cash cows” like casinos and hotel plus other high end projects. He leverages the purchase. Stamps his brand on the purchase and proceed to “milk” it dry. In comes the Bankruptcy protection, he pay cents on the dollar of debt and off he goes to the next object of his adoring theft. He has done this, that I know of, about seven times. Billions of dollars wasted. He has demonstrated repeatedly that he likes crushing his suppliers. It appears to be a game of one-upmanship to him.

We have learned that Donald J. Trump is Narcissistic Sadist. He loves himself only and enjoys making others suffer. He has no capacity for guilt, love or compassion. He truly is a monster with no scruples. He pleases only himself and feels nothing for anyone but himself.

Many articles have been published about Trumps liaison with our home grown Mafia and with Russia’s Mafia. We have learned that Trump owes half a billion dollars to Russian banks. We are being told that these loans come due 2021, right around the corner.

How did Donald J Trump find the keys to the American White House. These keys were stolen and given to him by the rich ruling class in the United States. Our own Oligarchs who have been running this country via their lobbyist and a secret, well placed long term plan being implemented during the past 40 years. Judges, Marshals, District Attorney, Senators, Congresspeople , Heads of Police, Attorney Generals and thousands more completing a puzzle with Donald J Trump like a cherry on top of a cake, the Presidency.

His unique stile is shocking yet awesome if you apply that saying about watching a train wreck. He is the ultimate Machiavellian Prince. The Oligarchs could have, would have, pulled off their design to own everything and everyone, if Donald J Trump were not raving mad. His case is lost and we will rid ourselves of him because he cannot reason, cannot read or write and is ultimately a coward. He fears us and we are not afraid of him. His time is about to end. “Alas, kill the beast and live. “


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