We join the worldwide celebration of the outcome of this 2020 election. As I write this segment President Elect Joe Biden has 279 electoral votes. Donald Trump has 214 electoral votes. Still being counted are Alaska, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. Georgia will have recount.

The Senate projections are 48 seats for Democrats and 48 seats for Republicans. Two seat will have a run off.

The House of Representatives has 212 seats for Democrats and 198 seats for Republicans.

When President Elect Joe Biden’s win was announced the entire planet erupted into dancing, chiming church bells, congratulatory notes from all over the world.

Within the US there have been a lot of tears of relief. True joy showed itself at last. It has been really hard for people here. Silent fears, the loss of 250,000 of our family to the pandemic, businesses closing down everywhere, people losing their hard earned homes plus the endless food lines that continued to run out of food. American people have suffered tremendously but came together and believed that we could restore democracy and the rule of law.

To fight when while you are a fat cat is easy. To do so while your children are sick and hungry is entirely a different endgame. This win has been accomplished with blood, sweat and tears of millions of people who refused to back down and shut up. People who stood their ground when they could barely stand. We say the lines. The 100 plus year old people barely able to walk doing just so they could vote.

We are the Resistance. There has been an underground railroad when urgently needed. Europe that their arm of Resistance during the horrors of World War II. Now America has followed this model and came together and it worked. I salute fellow Resistors. You have earned every right to feel safe and proud.


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