The common saying that “You are what you eat”, is truer, when applied as ” You are what your read”.

My personal writing muse is prompted by specific imagery, mostly by art. Images remind me of specific events that are meaningful to me and the writing comes afterwards. The picture included of the calm and peaceful home with cottages and people and pets had me inhaling profusely and hoping for a brief end to ongoing wars. My mind wanted to over- impose all the war images that I’ve seen all day with this lovely, happy peaceful picture of a life well lived. I suddenly realized that I was instinctively practicing a life-long habit of Creative Visualization. Why not share it?

About two decades ago I, on impulse, bought a little book titled: “Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain. I read it once so what I share here is based entirely upon my very good memory and my personal life experiences. What I remember mostly about the book, which caught my attention, is that it states that thoughts are made of matter. That thoughts are something physical in their composition and existence, therefore, they are capable of influencing the outcome of events that surround us. As a believer that mysteries are science yet undiscovered, I decided that her theories were of value and learned to practice creative visualization. In my minds eye, any positive you add to a negative is helpful. That’s my full disclosure on the subject of creative visualization. Let’s add some definitions so you can decide if this meditation technique can interest you or not. Here goes:

(1) As introduced by Shaki Gawin to more than ten million readers worldwide, creative visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmations to produce positive changes in your life.

(2) Creative Visualization uses meditation and visualization techniques to help change unhealthy negative thought processes into more positive ideas.

(3) It’s a cognitive process wherein you consciously change the image in your mind and create your desired future. Creative visualization is a term used by “new age”; Firstly, it is used by some to denote the practice of generating positive and pleasant visual mental images with intent to recover from physical sickness or disability or eliminate psychological pain. Secondly, it is used by others to signify the generations of autobiographical visual mental imagery, by which the participant envisions himself or herself in desired circumstances, commonly evoking prospective image that depicts abundance of financial wealth, professional or vocational success and achievement, pervasive health and persistent happiness. (Wikipedia)

What Wikipedia does not include in their description of creative visualization is that the mental imagery that we create can be extended to others. It in not only about how to benefit the ‘self within’. It can embrace a ‘want’ for others.

This is how this story started. Seeing the peaceful, happy image above and my mental exercise of carefully placing it over a warzone. I have become so accustomed to this mental practice that I had forgotten that it is learned behavior. Therefore, I share this with you, with hope, that you can become interested in learning more.

This is where the plot thickens. It may well be that the idea of creative visualization as material thoughts was way ahead of its time. On October 28, 2021 this blog, Capricorn Science, published an article titled: ” Is Information the Fifth State of Matter?”. In the article we write about Melvin M. Vopson’s study where he presents that ” multiple theories content that information is physical and can be measured”.

Also, in previous studies, Vopson postulated that information is a fifth state of matter alongside solid, liquid, gas and plasma and that dark matter could be information. Vopson’s study also included a derivation of a formula that reproduces accurately the well known Eddington number, the total number of protons in the observable universe.

If Vodson’s theories are proven correct and dark matter is information, we will find that we exist in a universe that travels through a Wikipedia type substance called dark matter. There is no need for science fiction, we are living it.

At this crossroad, creative visualization, a metaphysical concept has, maybe, met it’s scientific match, (that does not prove it, let’s not go nuts here,) which offers some validity.

In the end replacing pain with hope is the true essence of poetry. Thank you for reading.

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