The internet has been consumed with the news reported by The New York Times about Donald John Trump’s tax activities during the past decade.

The fact that he did not pay taxes and that he found it in his heart to pay the now infamous $750.00, plus his half billion dollar debt due next year, had everyone sizzling in the knowledge that not only is Trump not a billionaire, he is dead broke. We finally had proof that his tenure in our White House is based on his usual need for a source to scam and pillage, this time, our Federal Funds.

This disclosure took place right before the first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Of course, and as expected, it was a fiasco with Trump acting like a bull on cocaine. Again the internet went ablaze with the knowledge and the proof that Trump is unfit and plains sight insane

Act three to our real life saga is when the White House announces that Trump and his wife have confirmed that they are positive for Coronavirus. Needless to say that all sorts of forms of insanity unleashed at this news.

Many people speculate and are not wrong, considering the background, that the Coronavirus news is fabricated to turn the focus of the American electorate away from the tax scandal and away from the debate scandal. True or false. Who knows? But it sure does add up.

I would normally remain on the fence on the subject of speculation but suddenly I noticed that Facebook had taken down all, and I mean all, information about the taxes and the debate. We are only seeing the poor , sick Donald John Trump stories. Yes, he is sick, mentally sick, a Narcissistic Sadist.

Do not allow yourself to be fooled. The Oligarchs which put W Bush and Donald Trump in power intend to keep their prized possession, Donald John Trump in the White House. This would make sure that the death of rule of law, fascist anti civil rights regulations entrench themselves and we will never be able to get free, ever again.


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