We all watched, with our mouths open, how a fly sat endlessly on top of Vice President Pence’s head during the last vice presidential debate between himself and Senator Kamala Harris. The producers allowed the fly to sit there and did nothing. No one, it appears, signaled that he should shoo the demon fly off his head. Memes by the hundred of thousands erupted into the internet. Yes, I stand guilty of massive fly-meme distribution. It was very odd but it could fall under my category of ‘manure’ happens.

Now, not too long afterwards, Trump’s counsel appears on national television this dripping black hair dye running down his face. Couldn’t he feel it? Does he not carry a handkerchief? Is he even alive, I ask? This event takes place just weeks after this same counsel was filmed, in bed, with his arm down the front of his pants, in a seduction mode with a minor!!!

Rudy Giuliani has proven, repeatedly, to function as Trump and Cadre’s Consigliere. Counsel for the Mafia boss. Finally, there is a reaction to his actions. New Jersey Representative Bill Pascrell files to disbar Rudy Giuliani for frivolous lawsuits that try to ” help Trump steal the election and dismantle democracy.”

Now back to the accidents. Are these events planned or just our collective unconscious materializing into action? Talk to Carl Jung, if you think I’m crazy. I’m just the messenger. Have a great day.


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