Have you ever considered what it would feel like to be a rose? If you were a rose on this glorious, second day of Spring? Being a seductress aware of your beauty while you unfold and extend your many arms and textures into the world that eagerly awaits you. Imagine commanding color with awe inspiring hold. You’d be a pink flower, darker around the edges and childishly flushed towards the center where thousands of tendrils are reaching outwards inviting and searching for all and everything that adventures your way. Your many folds of petals would create secret images, which can only be noticed by a few, meant to entice your audience . You’d be coy but stand proud, face towards the sun while you challenge it to kiss you.

Flowers don’t know about time or beginnings or endings. They stand timeless in a forever dance meant only to exist. Only to become and be. If we were flowers…


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