We have spent our lives listening, seeing and seeking that yellow brick road leading us towards right over wrong and wrong over right. The battle of good and evil has been front and center in our lives since our inception. Every movie, every soap opera, every book, every song… the battle between these forces and how we conquer evil. Good wins!

Well now for a reality check. Evil had been winning all along and we are under the influence of some mental Novocain that does not allow us clear vision of the facts and events unfolding right before our eyes. We have collectively and individually rendered our ability to detect and analyze facts while trusting the institutions society has in place to lie and punish us if we don’t believe and obey the lies.

Our moment in history has become one of those pyramid schemes that blows up right in front of our faces and we are left standing in the middle of the destruction. The hidden and unholy marriage between Church and State, banned by our Constitution, has been alive and well and sucking us dry for centuries. We were oblivious to this until this unholy liaison got monstrously greedy. They have attempted to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs: us! Yes, you and me and our children. The hand of greed has attempted to shame us in submission and it has backfired. The power of good has been awakened and is about to go into battle with a weakened beast that is evil. We have the story of Star Wars right here, in our kitchens and garages.

Trump has called himself the chosen one. He has claimed that his blood can cure the Pandemic. In the mean time, churches, fat with our hard earned money, have not paid attention and look up to him, the known Beast. In other words, they are clearly and openly complicit.

Times have change. We now see the evil that wants us dead. We know his name and we are not afraid to rise and fix this wrong, once and for all. Good shall override this evil and win. Peace and law and order will return to our lives giving us much needed time to repair the major, horrific damage that has been inflicted upon so many, planer, animals, children, homeless, hungry..


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