Youth is the ultimate commodity. As far a I know the only fountain of youth is death. So we do the battle with aging as long as possible. Aging in our society is looked upon as a crime. Not to mention recent events that required that senior citizens should “sacrifice themselves for the economy”, Ludicrous doesn’t even start to describe the idiocy and criminality of such as assessment.

In the mean time many of us got caked up in our space suits and rushed to any store open to buy hair dye, facial creams, nail polishes, hell, anything to distract the those that want volcanic sacrifices.

I found a solution. We claim to be middle aged and sassy until we die.

A common conversation at a doctors office: Nurse : ” age please”. Your response: middle aged, Nurse: but how old is that? Your response: “Middle age is the middle of the road.” Nurse: ” I need to know in years.” Your response: ” Talk to my lawyer so you fill out a non discriminatory disclosure.” The Nurse: “Fine, I’ll put down 45.” You get up and hug her. Never tell the truth.


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