Everything seems to revolve around how we look. More than how we feel we are more attentive how we look. Am I fat? Am I aging too fast? How can I look better, younger, prettier? The human saga revolves around our looks.

A couple of years ago I was having dinner with the friend of a friend, an anthropologist. He had many interesting stories about his digs and his travels. I asked which was the common denominator from all the different cultures and different times that he had studied. He responded that the desire to regain youth was what he saw throughout all his studies. That little, but big, piece of information stuck in my mind.

In the mean time, my time continues its passage. Recently, while holding up a book, I glanced at my hand and arm with a critical sense of seeing how I’m holding up. There I was trying to determine at which state of aging am I. It wasn’t a serious or depressed analysis by any means. I check my car and other objects to determine if they are in need of maintenance.

In the midst of holding this book and glancing over at my arm I felt, for the very first time, my spirit within, kind of give a wiggle and let itself be “seen”. For the very first time ever I realized and felt the separation between spirit and body. What a wonderful feeling. Is this enlightenment? I doubt it, but it’s something. At the same time that I grasped this new knowledge of my soul (for lack of a better word), I felt overwhelming gratitude towards this wonderful vessel which houses me and cares for me and puts up with my many eccentricities and bad habits. This dear, beautiful bag of flesh is my best friend and I didn’t even know it. As so life goes on.


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