It sounds harmless enough. Salt related maybe? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies MSG as a “safe food ingredient”. I kid you not. The FDA is Lobby for the food industry that we, the people, pay for to help provoke and create diseases, therefore helping the medical, pharmaceutical, food and insurance industries. How else do we agree to eat genetically altered food.

Well, MSG is one of the FDA’s prizes for the American people. It is a highly toxic flavor enhancer that has been linked the CNS ( Central Nervous System) disorder, obesity, disruptions in adipose tissue physiology, hepatic damage, CRS, and reproductive malfunctions, according to a study in EXCLI Journal.

I urge you to read the labels because this ‘flavor enhancer’ will kill you and your family. I am living testimony of how damaging MSG is. Mega headaches and respiratory problems. The minute I eat something that contains MSG my entire body revolts. I just wanted to warn you.


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