With the Presidential elections knocking on our door, Capricorn Science, is taking you down a trip through memory lane.

Our commentaries are brief and intended to offer capsules of information that will assist Americans and people everywhere to comprehend what is happening, really happening, in good old USA. The range of information that we have covered during this past year offers a cost analysis of the concentration camps hiding about 100,000 little kids, stolen from their parents. Don’t hold to that number since, as of today, no one in my circle knows how many are in the camps.

We have discussed the loss of trillions of dollars, poofed away at the Pentagon. We have discussed Donald J Trumps profile as a possible, even probable informant for the FBI, as a second generation mobster. The erosion of our civil liberties. The conversion from a functioning Democracy into the present Oligarchy. The reason why and how we have proof that a Coup d’état took place, under the guiding hand of Russia, during the past 2016 presidential election. We have dissected how the Republican Party has implemented a 40 year plan to take over the American government and become a Nationalist, Fascist, Nazi ruling Oligarchy. Also, the assault on the environment and why. The Pandemic and how it was “allowed’ to happen, opening a floodgate of trillions of dollars, free money to be handed over like candy to the ruling Oligarchs. We have addressed Universal healthcare and how it can easily be paid for. Under the title of “Political Satire that will make us cry” you will find the breaches against humanity, in our back yard have been discussed. It’s all here.

We are working and hoping that the Fascism that is trying to swallow us will be slain and put to rest with this upcoming election. If we fail, we will be closed down.

Time will tell.


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