All of my past homes have felt like second skins to me. Similar to a large blouse. When I was introduced to my present big house, I admired the large spaces and high ceilings, it felt like I was walking around a Tuscan villa.

After setting foot on the front porch for the very first time I thought to myself “What a waste of such a large space.” Just a random thought that crossed my mind. Time has proven that this front porch is my favorite place in the villa. This porch currently houses a wrought iron table with four chairs, a 40 year old bonsai, a basil plant, a rosemary plant, an out of control winding cactus plant and some wild ferns. Just a plain old porch. At night it becomes magical because under the mild street light and sometimes the moon, many friends visit for a fresh meal and cool clean water.

It is often that I wake up at three in the morning and in the quiet of the night I peek outside to see who is visiting. Just this morning I saw two cats, which I’d never seen before. I imagine the animals telling each other where they can find a clean meal, free of stress. At times my frog friend is around taking a dive in the water dish. Even as we speak there is a hen nesting in a hidden corner off the porch. I sometimes peek and say hi. She totally ignores since I’m not supposed to know she is there. She doesn’t have to go far for her meal. Surprisingly the cats ignore her presence. Part of our unspoken deal. They coexist in peace.

These night visitors must feel relieved to have a no hassle meal always awaiting them. The pleasure I feel when I get a glimpse of them is truly undescribable. It’s amazing how we can sometimes find happiness pots. They are like little bursts of joy so personal and pure that they erase and diminish the many wrongdoings of that day. The stress slate becomes clean. I sometimes wish I could hug them and thank them for these gifts of joy they unknowingly give me, but that’s not a part of the plan. I truly love my front porch.


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Rose Marlene Simpkins · July 10, 2020 at 5:26 pm

A beautiful post, so many of my memories of my grandparents took place on a front porch.

    Mercedes Jenouri · July 12, 2020 at 10:22 am

    Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

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