Donald J. Trump did say the words in the satire above: ” If I lose, maybe I’ll have to leave the country.”

If you try to sit within his mind, he must be feeling the terror of prison gates right within his reach. All of his life Trump has gotten away with breaking the law in very big ways. He is a second generation mafia member and some very smart people are convinced that he is a Confidential Informant for the FBI. Many other very informed people have said privately and publicly that Trump is a spy and a traitor for Russian. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out, just watch them in action. If you bother to research either of these claims you will find that I hold the facts in my hand.

First trimester into his presidency Trump was exploring the legality of pardoning himself. We stood perfectly still and transfixed since we had never heard of such of thing. He was there and then admitting to having committed criminal endeavours. At the time I walked away sure, based on what I read, that he could not pardon himself. Now, all of a sudden, that act of pardoning himself is back on the table and it brings more ‘favorable reviews’. This a mad world and be better buckle up for a rough ride.

My question is how can he be a Confidential Informant for the FBI and a spy for Russia at the same time. That takes talent. I’d never be able to pull such a thing off and I’ve been told that I am smart. Yes, but I am not devious. Can he, I ask you, be both things at the same time. Is the FBI complicit with Russia or vice versa.

I must tell you, I love spy novels. In my well read opinion, Nelson DeMille is a master of the political spy novels. He could never come up with this series of events in his wildest dreams.

So let’s see how the Trump Shit Show unfolds. Let’s hope we get rid of him, one way or the other. Let’s also hope Nelson DeMille writes the part two follow up novel.


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