Its’ fair to say that American people believe, love and honor their Constitution. I recall studying in collage how laws, once enacted, become real only when they are accepted by the people these laws would rule.

Donald John Trump, and his Republican side kicks, have made it their life mission to tap dance around the beloved document until nothing is really left. It’s painful. It’s real. Live with it and do something about it.

The Constitution is a piece of paper. It does not have legs that can do anything other than exist. It is our jobs to guard its purity and change it when needed.

We have seen in plain sight how a 40 year plan has paid off in circumventing the spirit of the law and allowing national and foreign enemies into our house. It is time Americans grow up and learn the working of our government and the many threats that are tossed at us every single day.

There is a ruling Oligarchy in place. Ask President Carter if you don’t believe me. The election we are living through could maybe return the Oligarchy back into a working Democracy. I’m warning you. All eyes on our elected officials. They tend to negotiate our lives away and it must stop now. American citizenship has been converted to American servitude and that is not what we are here for.


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