” He gave up on the wall and settled on a trench.”

This madman’s tenure as President of the United started with his personal agenda to befriend all the tyrants of the world and build a wall across the border between the United States and Mexico. He was new and we still didn’t know insane he is. We also didn’t know his parasidit money crazy mind at work. The wall was never built. Only sections of the wall that somehow hell. I dare guess that money for the wall was income via construction companies and other suppliers from our pockets to his. He may have had secondary mission, which was to enclose American citizens, making the country into our own prison. Even without the famous or should I say infamous wall he used ICE to capture, separate and in-prison about 100,000 foreign children who were, with their parents or guardians, seeking asylum. This is how the American Concentration Camps were created. There has been yet another money scheme behind these camps. Private companies, under contract with the US government, ‘house’ these children for approximately $750.00 per day per child. It has been a multi trillion dollar gold mine which we, the people, have paid for with the fruit of our labor and these poor children have paid for with everything that is sacred.

Watching Trump, his Cabinet and his Republican party create and implement scheme within scheme to rob the Treasury of every dime, generating debt that no one comprehends how to pay, has been terrifying. Every law that could be revered to their financial benefit was reversed. Like a school of Piranhas, the stole from the poor and walked away smiling.

The deadliest of all their schemes has been the Pandemic, which is peaking even as I write this. Over one American per second is getting infected with Coronavirus. Today, we have over ten million active cases of people sick and dying. Trump called it hoax, dismantled the agencies in place to prevent a Pandemic from ever reaching the citizens of the United States. He gave away, to Russia, medical equipment gravely needed here. He sent New York broken ventilators. He and his mafia grouped their resources to create the vaccine for the Pandemic they allowed to ravage the land. Conflict of interest much? I call it criminal intent. A drop of kindness in the horizon with Pfizer announcing their success with a vaccine that kills the virus at a 90% success rate. Immediately Trump took claim for the vaccine and just as fast Pfizer denied any association between their vaccine and Trump. He gets caught in his lies so often that we no longer bother to blink.

Once the Black Lives Matter took root and the protests broke out all over the world Trump got scared and hid in the bunker made for nuclear attacks located under the White House. He had hoped we would never learn of his terror escape but we did. In yet another attempt to appear a brave warrior he decided to take a walk between the White House and a nearby church. Peaceful protestors stood by, totally unarmed under the watchful eye of secret service, the military and all the other gun killing thugs we pay for. To everyone’s horror, orders were given and the peaceful bystanders were shot upon. An American President ordered American citizens shot during a peaceful protest. He walked his walk. Reached the church and proceeded to uplift and uphold a Bible upside down. I kid you not.

After the protest and his bunker scare Trump ordered a fence built around the White House. I read it is a ten foot wall. Several events later he ordered another fence built with electricity. There has been a third fence, taller safer for our coward in office.

Donald Trump has learned that he should fear us. We are not as soft, or stupid, or brown, or inbred as he thought us to be. We are capable of knowing our rights, understanding his illegal actions and demanding that legal action be taken against him and his partners. There has been a blue wave. He can walk out of the White House like a man and face the music. You know in your heart we will have to remove him by force.

I don’t like guessing but this is one time that I will adventure my neck out. He is terrified of us. He should be. Time will tell.


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