During the past four years we have seen so many political events that have stunned, shocked and embarrassed us, that it seems that it is the only thing I write about… endlessly.

It’s fair to say that Donald J. Trump’s refusal to comply with Presidential tradition to display the latest Presidents and First Lady’s commissioned paintings stuns and boggles our minds. His criminal intent in the handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic stands alone during his tenure, which I have baptized “The Trump Shit Show”. Over a quarter of a million dead and ten million infected, today, as I write this, overshadows everything else. Yet, this petty act of ugly racism and envy must be recorded here for later review.

The components of this act by Trump expresses at it’s maximum potential his inherent narcissism. There is another story I read about somewhere about Trump and a painting. He had donated $12,000 to a cancer benefit which I believe he chaired. Once the money was registered into the non profit, he commissioned a very large painting of himself looking young and very virile. He would deliberately steal with this laundering scheme to pay for an image of himself. Now I wonder if he ever paid for the painting or just aldo stole those funds.

My great desire is the the images of Donald Trump and his wife never grace the halls of our White House. May “The Trump Shit Show” end.


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