Odd things do happen, Several months prior to Hurricane Maria I found a baby pigeon that had fallen out of its nest. So off we went home. She was named Squirt by a Facebook friend. I overfed , my beloved Squirt, but she was a very hungry baby. After several months my baby was fully grown and I had to decide to keep and cage her,, or set her free. I decided that freedom had great value plus she had friends that would visit while she sunbathed on the porch. Off she flew into the sky. About a month afterwards we were hit with Hurricane Maria and I worried about my Squirt. A bunch of pigeon’s would come feed to my front porch since the trees were bare. They’d eat and fly away. One pigeon would hang around for about an hour, all by itself just sitting there looking at me. Of course, Squirt returned home to check on us. We did this sitting together many times afterwards. Time flashes forward to the present and here we are in the middle of daily, deadly earthquakes. Then, the other night, about 3 AM, I’m drinking my morning black, sugarless coffee. It’s pitch black outside and I’m surrounded by silence except for the single singing one a single pigeon sitting by my window. Moments after the 6.6 earthquake hit and I ran outside. The pigeon was warning? Was it Squirt? Who knows? But I did read a scientific study conducted by a University in Washington that proved conclusively that pigeons can recall and pass on, genetically, the memory of faces of humans that have been unkind to them . They recall evil and wrongdoing. Maybe, they also recall a kindness done to them and record it genetically? Every day of my life I come closer to nature and earth. Once I again become earth, I will be no stranger. Happy, safe Sunday.


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Lynne Urban · January 15, 2020 at 2:07 -04:00Jan

Such a precious story! Yes, they know you!
Parrots, corvids and pigeons, maybe others.
Have a family of crows that I feed table scraps to at least 4-5 times a week. The family has been coming to me, for at least 10-12 years now, to the call of “hey, guys”! I don’t know if the parents are the same as the original pair, but they have a new baby that they introduce to me every year, while last years baby (ies) hangs around for about another year helping the family. The little group of 4 to 5
are there whenever I call.
It must be hard to be the fledgling/yearling who has to find a new territory and leave my easy pickins’ behind.

    Mercedes Jenouri · January 15, 2020 at 2:07 -04:00Jan

    Yours is a sweet story. Do you take pictures of them?

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