These sentient beings we call animals, and too often use the word as an insult, have a deeper , clearer understanding of life and living than human beings do. Since we cannot speak their languages, we make the wrong and arrogant assumption that they have no language and therefore, do not speak. Well, re-open your text book and you will see the evidence that they do indeed have their own languages and do communicate using their own language. Even trees, yes dearie, trees too. Orangutans are one of my favorite species for their innate kindness and their beauty. During my imaginary trips to a better, kinder world I play a game where another species won top notch during evolution . In my game Orangutans win the Kings and Queens slot in this beautiful planet. Humans die of a virus or self inflicted violence creating our own extinction. In this make believe world Orangutans allow others to live and flourish with their biodegradable lives. Guns and plastic and fossil fuel are never invented. The Garden Of Eden would only then exist. That, is my alternate reality. My parallel universe.


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