Like most people, I was born in a busy city listening to the noises of cars, buses, planes, phones, and people… This has been the norm since forever. It became evident to me that noise did not have the same effect on others as it does on me.

Recently, while enjoying lunch with a friend, chairs were being moved around creating a scrapping noise similar to nails on a blackboard. I asked my lunch companion if the noise did not bother him? He said that not at all. He had not noticed it.

After moving away from the rush of the city years ago and into a small forest full of trees and large homes fairly far away from each other, I discovered that my quest for silence would have to wait because this new world loved machines. So came the relentless noise created by relentless, never quiet blowers, power hoses, lawn mowers, you name it, Sunrise to sunset, seven days per week there is some noisy machine making some corner more trim, more beautiful, more clean.

Out of nowhere our current Coronavirus Pandemic demands that people and their noisy machines remain indoors all day and all night. My lifelong quest for true silence has finally become real. At times, while walking down the steps within my home I just stop and take in the moment of hearing nothing. My nervous system seems happy too.

Let’s adventure into thinking that just maybe silence is also a sound that nature intended so that everyone and everything can take a nap while awake. This newfound silence feels like exhaling after a long and stressful run. Some good comes of every event. Our beloved planet is cleaning itself and I have enjoyed for the first time ever the restful sound of silence.


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