Happy Second Wedding Anniversary to Serena Williams and Alexis Obanian. Serena caught my attention since she first broke into the tennis scene many years ago. I would often bump into news about her. She was widely criticized over just about everything. Through it all Serena played and played and won and won. The Establishment was in a scandal about her body shape. Beautifully African American and unashamed as she should be. Prim outfits jumping into the air. I watched and then watched some more. What was odd about my fascination with Serena is my total lack of interest in sports. But Serena-news was always important to me. I didn’t analyse my interest. It was genuine and lasted a long time. One day I came to realize that my fascination with Serena Williams was based on watching her, single handedly and completely change a stereotype held dear to the old world school. Your stereotypical tennis power player is male, white and preppy. She plays like a man, is very much a woman and laughs out loud while winning all the way to number one in the world. She is like no one else and the game of tennis will never be the same. It’s a better game and a better world because of her. More about Serena some other time.


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