My response to the question of good or evils of being “connected” to the internet and the social media with this involves, is that it is a bit of both, but more good than evil.

Readership in general has increased significantly thanks to Kindle and other reading devices, while the need to for “dead tree” books is declining. Navigating through news is easier since you can corroborate what you are being told. Communicating with our politicians is much easier, which compels them to do something or we will do away with them.

45% of the world population uses social media, with an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes per day. Nielsen research states that American adults spend 11 hours per day watching, reading. listening to or simply interacting with media. Maybe the ball and chain are an anchor like ships that would float away in the mist and be lost.

Now that social distancing has become a way of life I dare guess that the use of electronic devices to learn, communicate and work will increase significantly. Some scientist has postulated that we, the human race, may have entered the post human stage and you and I are living in a simulated computer. Charming thought isn’t it? Just because we do not like does not mean it is not true.


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