She finally took the long awaited last breath. Long awaited because she always knew that this moment in time would arrive. It does so for everyone, so she lived as if one day she would die. Many wonderful and awful events have marked her journey, her time. She somehow always understood that it was just that, a journey. Going from here to there. One door closes as another door opens. Similar to moving from one room to another.

She has discovered many secrets during this lifetime that has helped make this passing a joyous and even an exuberant event. Learning and understanding against all odds that she is a soul, not a body. Discovering that her beloved body is a very kind and loving carriage that carried her the long distance since her first breath to this very last one. She has learned to love this attachment with all of its changes. She still cannot fully comprehend if the body releases the soul or the soul releases the body. Whichever way, this last breath will mark the parting of herself and this beloved body. She feels love and gratitude and readiness for this change. She always treated this body with love and respect. This beloved body has offered her comfort and senses to see and feel the world. This body allowed her to experience life at its fullest. They have spent a truly wonderful time together but the union is about to end.

The body and soul gathered to say their goodbyes and wondered if they would ever meet again in the future. The body took the lead and said she would like to remain close to the her mother and would like to become a tree. Grow long limbs and longer roots. She wanted to feel the soil run through her for a long time. She wanted to become a home for birds, and ants and all creatures that may need some shade in a sunny day. A tree. She would in time become a tree. The soul laughed and hugged her body enjoying the warmth an feel of her beloved friend. They did love each other.

It was the souls turn to share her future plans. Having been enclosed for so long, the soul said she wanted to become a breeze that roams freely, resting at times, upon the clouds. “Wow!” said the body to the soul. “That sounds just wonderful. Please do visit me during your journey. Watch for me. My branches will dance for you and laugh with your breeze touching me again.”

Just like that, she closed her eyes for the last time, until they meet again.


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