JayStill4 wrote: Yes @realDonaldTrump really did tweet this…deleted now but screenshot and saved by thousands. Think we can safely say he is now entering a Messiah complex.”

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump wrote:

My blood IS the vaccine!!!!

3:23PM Oct 5,2020. Twitter for iPhone

There it is. The man who singlehandedly released the Coronavirus Pandemic upon the people of the United States is now claiming to carry blood that can cure the sick. Of course he is attempting to save his illegitimate Presidency creating first a horror, the Pandemic, and the fix, religious fervor about his sacred persona. The fruitcakes will go for it but the majority will rule and vote in overwhelming numbers the the archaic Electoral Collage and the US Military machinery will not be able to ignore.

The establishment has been warned that we will no sit and obey. We will only follow the rule as law. Our voice will be heard. Our vote will be counted and we will fix our current problems.


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