The history and the fiction involving the Coronavirus Pandemic and how it continues to evolve and unravel is a story our of high caliber science fiction.

To recap briefly, this virus was first identified in China. Whistles and alarms went off worldwide for systems in place to stop these types of events to go into full operational mode.

In the mean time, the United States rejected assistance from the World Health Organization, dismantled a international team specially in place and specialized in combating and stopping an epidemic from exploding into a pandemic. The Trump White House ordered needed medical supplies to be sent to Russia. The United States government was adamant that the use of masks was not necessary, that we were safe without any facial protection. Valuable information was exchanged for misinformation. Many of Trumps speeches and rallies calling for freedom of “the face” and agitation of the white supremacist to take up arms if they did not get their way.

Trump started putting together special, unauthorized military forces. We watched and wondered what for. We soon found out that they were to be used against us.

Federal government and state governments went head to head over procedures, protocols, funds and supplies. Governors took the step to command businesses, schools and government to shut down. Curfews go into effect.

Much needed federal assistance goes into effect giving citizens pennies and distributing trillions in hard, cold cash to corporations and churches. In the mean time, evictions, and food lines continue to grow, people continue to get infected and die. Over 210,000 Americans have lost their lives since this saga started last January, 2020.

As if a Pandemic and economic misery weren’t enough Trump himself has embarked in a shameful crusade selling the righteousness of white supremacy. White supremacist aren’t the most educated, rational people on the planet so they embraced this command from their supremacist President and flexed a deadly, armed muscle against black people just trying to get home or go shopping. I personally recall early in Trump’s tenure how he said he wished police would be more brutal when making an arrest. Well, the KKK, infiltrated into our police department, took this as permission to flex any muscle they had restrained and came down with deadly force, killing and wounding innocent people.

The Black Lives Matter movement was born from watching an innocent man murdered in plain daylight, plain sight, while he begged for his deceased mother to help save him. This event pushed our enough is enough button and the entire planet broke out in rage and protests. We marched, we watched, first hand, how mothers linked hands in protection of black protestors. We also watched how police shot them in the face for no other reason than exercising their constitutional right to protest.

The entire world has closed it’s borders, denying Americans entry due to the handling of the Coronavirus pandemic. The wall that Trump demanded to build along the Mexico border is no longer needed, since we cannot get out of the good old United States. This lockdown has been imposed upon us from outside.

The majority of the American electorate is well aware of Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election and how an archaic Oligarchic Electoral College system was used to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful place in the Oval Office.

What the masters of this Fascist plan failed to factor in is that this majority is on a mission to right this wrong. We may not be able to bring Hillary Clinton to the White House but will deliver Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The reign of terror will end. The concentration camps will be closed and their tenants taken care of. Civil rights will be restored, without loopholes. The police will be made accountable for their actions. The entire clan of treasonous Republicans will face a Tribunal just like Germany’s Nazi’s did. Rule of law and accountability will firmly become a way of our lives.

The Republic will stand. We are making sure of it. Just watch.

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