These are my views on race and evolution. Every cell of every living being carries the imprint of all the other living beings that ever existed.

When we bite into an apple we are taking into our bodies centuries of components that came together to create and feed and grow this one apple, which will now become a part of you.

Molecular matter is inclusive and non discriminatory. As odd as it may sound, when we bite into this one apple we are feeding on our ancestors, plants and animals, and are in place to feed those that come after us, also, plants and animals. Everyone is one big pile when it comes to the primary sources of life.

Our phenotype is an expression of how nature adapted our particular biology to our particular locations in order to help us survive. The colder the climate the lighter and straighter our hair helping keep our brain area warm. Our nostrils are thinner allowing our bodies to conserve needed body heat. When our locations climate is hot, our hair is darker and curly allowing our brain to ventilate and remain cool. Our nostrils are wider allowing for a better flow of needed air. In both cases our skin color also accommodated to our environment. All skin colors are born the same route and die the same way when the due date arrives. Everyone combines to become a part of the eternal food chain that is nature.

Allowing arrogance and confusion to make us become estranged and lost is a tragedy particular to human beings. Other species feed on each other knowing it is the given process but there is no waste of life or cruelty involved. Each being honors their given places allowing each other creature respect and thoughtfulness. Only the human species, who have lost its way dwells on the ugliness of ignoring who and what we are.


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