Again science harnesses the mystery of magic and allows us a glance into the wondrous unknown. Harvard University has taken the best defined picture of the inside of the human cell. Each and every cell looks just like this.

Science hereby defines the mystery of life and we can seek enjoyment from it and let go of the crutch of fear and ignorance.

Before you start taking this image of the human cell as we are more and better than other living creatures, try growing roots into the ground. Try metamorphosing from a caterpillar into a butterfly while you are still alive. Each creation /creature is unique and totally awe inspiring.

Once in a while I dare a personal insight to all that I see. This time I will dare guess that we are offsprings of star dust. So when you look up into the sky, see more than distant lights. That particle that adventured across the vast universe , all the way to Earth is our creator.


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