Donald J. Trump brought back the teachings and horrors of Adolf Hitler because of his fascination with the Fuhrer, His first wife told us that Trump had a copy of Hitler’s book on his nightstand and would study it often.

We have watched and experienced in the flesh how Trump attempts to implement Hitler’s teachings in minute detail. The one area that I have not seen questioned or mentioned is why does Christianity need or want any link with the likes of a Hitler/Trump. My conclusion is that they are one and the same with different titles. They seek to steal and control minds and assets. They seek to rule and own government with no cost, meaning taxes.

They both utilize mind control and fear as their main instrument to maintain fisted ownership over people, their rights, their assets and ultimately the decision of who will live and who will die. Ignorance is key to their success.

As I have mentioned many times before the German people had no idea what they were up against therefore, the events unfolded as they did. Now, we are informed, educated, and totally aware of the plans in place and we will stop these plans on their tracks. There will not be another Germany in the USA. The second coming of the Fuhrer will be stopped soon.


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