The Presidential gang had worked diligently for a long time seeking to help remedy the crumbling world, especially the heart of the problem, their beloved USA.  

It was nearly impossible to grasp the damage the Monster, the Creature, had caused everyone, everything. How was it possible for one twisted human being, with a capacity for cruelty and greed never seen before, to survive long enough to create such carnage? Napoleon had wisely commented that the poor would have eaten the rich if it weren’t for religion. 

Greed at the hands of those who already held too much wealth played with the world as if it were a board game. This fed the monster. The boy-child creature was the toy of the rich. When he showed himself, the universe trembled in anticipation of the events unfolding on this little, insignificant planet.

Those seeking destruction could not be stopped. The lies in plain sight, the demagoguery anointed by religion, led to a predictable yet unavoidable downfall of humanity. Tocqueville’s experiment in Democracy failed. The giant, USA, was falling, and the Creature was in control. All our lives were in peril. 

How did this disaster happen? It came together slowly and took as much time as it needed. The rich created a liason that would keep them rich and us poor. At the core of these discussions between Oligarchs, a plan was designed to keep the world forever dependent on fossil fuels. They assigned people to lobby and buy the loyalty of elected government officials all over the world. They slowly but surely purchased control of all media worldwide. They bought the stock exchanges. They revamped health care, insurance, and education so there would be none. Off-shore accounts and non-profit organizations became their sweet haven to avoid paying taxes and hiding assets. Let the poor pay taxes. War and defense became big business, requiring wars and poor people to fight them. They already owned the banks.

The rich are very patient in their planning and implementation. Careful how they stepped all over everyone. They controlled the governments that regulated them, and, therefore, they became free to do as they wished. What’s that corny saying, “The world was their oyster.”

Education in the US averaged at a sixth-grade level for adults. Think about this just for an instant. Average Americans have the education of an eleven-year-old. Controlling an uneducated, barely literate citizenship allowed the Oligarchs an easy path to the Social Security Fund, which they raided several times to the tune of 7 trillion dollars. The uneducated lack the tools to see the picture placed right under their noses. 

At the door, religion delivers the big imaginary god that would toss all of these barely literate people into eternal hell if they fail to obey, and the fear bomb is set.

Uneducated masses are taught one lesson—your right to bear arms and defend yourself from enemies. The NRA, a non-profit organization, is in bed with all forms of religion, seasoned with purchased legislators. This creates an army of people who cannot afford to put food on their tables but do own an arsenal of military-type weapons. They are trigger-happy, looking for something or someone to shoot. These are mostly men with wounded, dislocated egos and their equally ignorant wives who go along with life as she is told it should be lived. They drank the damn Kool-Aid and believed every single lie they were fed. 

Global warming is sold as a hoax. The Oligarchs cannot allow the link between fossil fuel oil and the death of the environment to be made. 

The world population is exploding, and this is unsustainable. The Oligarchs need their supply of warm bodies to purchase their goods at Wal-Mart, the gas station, and the dime stores. What do they do? Bring in their pals, the church, their purchased Supreme Court Justices, and the insurance business, and go about methodically regulating women’s reproductive rights. The sixth-grade people who have been seriously brainwashed are the cheerleaders to everything they are instructed to cheer for. They feel empowered defending a piece of soulless flesh hidden inside a woman’s body. The vessel has no rights. Shut up and put out is the plight of women. Always has been. Always will be. Unless…

Any person who has managed, somehow, to escape societal brainwashing must be careful for their lives. If they decide to speak out and gain an audience, all kinds of horrors would befall her. 

The reigning moment for the world Oligarchs was grooming and placing, with the help of the FBI, the New York Times, and the sitting presidential office, Donald John Trump, as the President of the United States. A fearless Buffon. Let’s glance at him for a moment. He enters the world political stage lying about his height and his weight. He is painted orange and wears an odd cotton-looking hairpiece. His ties are always too long, reaching his crotch. He walks tilted forward as if he would tumble if the wind blows or by the weight of his belly. His voice is rather girly, with a cadence of unknown origin. Until this moment, he had been a brand created to make him look successful. He is a second-generation mobbed-up Mafia boss. He is also a Confidential Informant for the FBI. There it is. The FBI and organized crime were in bed together to place one of theirs in the White House. And so they did, and here we are. The Oligarch’s plan worked better than gold. Their tax brackets were diminished to nearly paying nothing. This tax bracket, combined with their so-called charitable organizations that launder money, they became wealthier than they had ever dared imagine. The poor were poorer, and the food lines crossed state lines. 

Planting in the minds of sixth-grade education adults that global warming was a hoax was an easy fix for those owning and selling fossil fuel. The hotter the planet, the higher the fuel consumption, which makes the planet even hotter. It’s a deadly circle, and like hamsters, we run around like idiots on our ferry.

Once the gargantuan tax break was eaten up by corporate America, they needed another asset fix and invented imaginary inflation that allowed the doubling of the pricing of items people needed to purchase to survive. 

This imaginary inflation increased corporate America’s bottom line in the billions. The poor got poorer. 

While this scenario of horror and destruction unfolds, a wick of a flame caught fuel, and four different government lawsuits have indicted the Monster/Creature. Have the Oligarchs used him enough and are looking to release him? Don’t kid yourself into thinking they don’t have a hand in how this plays out. Has Trump overestimated his protection? Will he go to prison, or will he do a Duvalier and escape to a friendly country? 

If he isn’t convicted and imprisoned, the Oligarchs risk a revolution on their hands. Oregon was just a sample. The best scenario for the ruling class, the Oligarchs, is for him to leave and escape or, wait for it, fall out of a window.

One million people died during the Pandemic. They could have been saved had Donald Trump not disbanded all the safeguards we had in place for this type of situation. His list of crimes is long and varied. He has stolen funds from children with cancer. What kind of person does this? Donald Trump does this. How is it possible for one person to be made of such filth and walk free? We are about to find out.

The entire cadre that engaged in an attempted coup ‘etat on that infamous January 6th needs to join Donald Trump in a place like Guantanamo Bay, where terrorist combatants are housed for a very long time. 

What is the core of this scenario? We have lost control of our government. It offers the appearance of functioning like a democracy, but it isn’t. The very foundation of how and why this country was founded has been demolished into lies and horror. I wish I had better news. 

Thank you for reading. 

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