We are each born into a given set of rules, set up for us by institutions that tell us how to think, how to behave and live since birth until we die. Never question, never stray from the path set before us. We are given a simple enough menu: Government, Church, Marriage, Work, Finances. We are informed that only taxes and death are a sure thing and we buy into this and obey unquestioning the where, why or how. Looks like bodies hooked to a Matrix-like existence to me. We are told that we are created equal. That we have the right to the pursuit of happiness and that, if we follow the “Good Book” we are guaranteed and after life in heaven. The first two promises have proven to be lies and the third cannot be proven. Is it all a sham, I ask. Are we just the worker bees fulfilling some other people’s goals. The present set up does not make sense to me unless you add the interests of others as opposed to our own interests.

The content of the rhetoric we are given since birth is riddled with holes, inconsistencies, which we go along with unthinking. Step outside the box for a moment. Gather all the information you can and reach your own conclusions. If it feels like an old itchy scab, take a risk and give it a scratch. A new view of your life and reality may open up right before your eyes. I did it and wow, speak of a rude awakenings .


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