It’s not about you! We often wonder how did our current situation become what it is. How did we get here? What am I talking about? Fascism, Nazism, Oligarchism, Anti-Feminism, Anti-Race, Anti-Poor, Anti-Children, Anti-Women, Anti-Civil-Rights, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Science, Anti-Education, to name a few.

After studying each one of these maladies that plague us in an attempt to get a glimpse into why and how is this present situation even possible, the fog lifted, I was able to wipe the mirror and get a glimpse of the how and why we are where we are. It appears each one of us is stagnant and prisoner of our own needs and wants. Our individually, which we have historically praised, has backfired. We have become a myopic society who cannot see beyond our own needs and wants. If your children have food, healthcare, available education and housing the concern for other children is non existent. Total lack of caring and empathy for anyone other than yourself and those you care for explains the why we are here right now.

These myopic individuals are voters. These voters make their choices in the same myopic fashion that they live, with total selfishness. Add the indoctrination of the lobbyist and the Oligarchs and society is locked into what we have today. Those with privilege are well and those without are suffering.

The only fix to this malady is this to reverse, overcome our indifference and come to terms that each issue is “not about you”. Advocate healthcare for those without, advocate reasonable medication prices for those in need, work good schooling for everyone, understand and help with the issue of affordable housing. The list is long because so is our indifference.

If you want change. Start by changing. Let’s save each other. That is the clue.


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