Tax-paying, law-abiding citizens cannot figure out why ‘things’ have gotten so bad for us. Well, here goes. Governments are functioning in a syndicated crime fashion. This message has been repeated so often that it now falls on deaf ears. We are stagnant, at a crossroads, where we can clearly see what is happening to us as a society, and choose to join the ‘go with the flow Joe’  crowd until the curtain falls. The curtain is about to fall. 

The following two excerpts were copied verbatim. What we call subliminal they called sublimal. It isn’t a typo. I want you, if I may, to read this carefully and see firsthand what is happening. This type of situation is at the very core of our crumbling society, and we need to act upon it soon or risk losing what is left of our lives. I wish I had better news, but that’s not what I am here for. Here goes. 

Sublimal Advertising (Wikipedia)

Sublimal messages are visual or auditory stimuli that the conscious mind cannot perceive, often inserted into other media such as TV commercials or songs. This kind of advertising can be used to strengthen or heighten the perception of advertising or to convey an altogether different message entirely. 

True sublimal messages cannot be observed or discovered by the conscious mind, even if you are actively looking for them. This is because stimuli to which we respond every day – the things we see and hear around us are above the threshold of conscious perceptions, unlike sublimal messages, which are below this threshold. 

What makes sublimal messages so insidious is that even though we are utterly unaware of the message hidden in whatever we’re watching or listening to, part of our subconscious mind cannot help but respond to the concealed stimuli – it happens entirely without our knowledge and consent. 

The FCC’s Investigation of “Sublimal Techniques:” 

from the sublimal to the Absurd. 

Press Statement

Sept 19, 2000


A casual observer of media coverage over the past week of an advertisement sponsored by the Republican Party National Committee might reasonably come to the following four conclusions:

*The advertisement clearly violates well-established FCC rules. 

*The advertisement contains what the FCC has determined to be “sublimal” message.

*The FCC has the authority to regulate advertisers, such as the Republican    

   National Committee.  

*The FCC’s investigation into this matter is both ordinary and routine.

None of the conclusions are correct.

-The FCC has no formal rules on “sublimal” advertising. The FCC has no formal rules on the use of ‘sublimal” perception” techniques… Policy statements are not enforceable rules. Nor would it be appropriate for the Commission to fine a person for failure to comply with a policy statement. 

-The FCC has no rules on what is or is not a ‘sublimal” message. Consequently, there is no basis for it to determine whether any advertisement contains a ‘sublimal’ message.

-The Commission has no authority to regulate advertisers, such as the Republican National Committee. 

-The FCC action is neither ordinary nor routine. 

These events have left me with questions hanging in the wind. Why would the FCC even bother to issue a public statement addressing a situation and its legality using premises that are totally unfounded? 

 Is this an attempt to give the appearance of doing something about something that has no meaning or relevance? 

I’d love an answer. 

Thank you for reading. 

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