Capricorn Science has been sluggish in bringing you financial information. There is so much happening that it sometime’s overwhelms. Do note that our Financial Section has a real time ticker tape where you can check the market.

In order to right this wrong we will start out by offering, hopefully daily, a brief ” investment term of the day”. As a Stock Broker I realized the financial markets function in English but not English, as we know it. If you study the terms you will be surprised at how many new doors of information will open up. Please write and comment. If you hate it, we’ll can it. Happy investing.

Accredited Investor: To qualify as an accredited investor for a Regulation D Private Placement, an investor must be either:

(a) an affiliate of the issuer,

(b) a financial institution, or

(c) an individual with $1 million net worth, or $200,000 annual


Regulation D Offering: A type of exempt offering that is sold directly to accredited investors and a maximum of thirty-five nonaccredited Investors. Also called Private Placement, Restricted Stock, Lettered Stock, Legend Stock.

source: Securities Training Corporation


Learn more about finance terms at Investopedia

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