Shadows are known consequences to light and darkness. They are an opaque object blocking the path of light. A shadow is a dark region and is formed only when a light source is present.

Recently, like several months ago, I was outside of my home walking around the garden and turned and was startled by what turned out to be my shadow. No biggie. This same event happened repeatedly thereafter. Why, if my shadow has always been my shadow, did it suddenly become noticeable and disturbing?

It has been lifelong habit of mine to seek answers to my many questions. An insatiable curiosity combined with great joy in discovery are characteristics that defines me. A bit of research on the subject of shadows rendered interesting and enlightening data. I discovered various responses to the same question about shadows.

At first glance I uncovered four different sources of information on the subject of shadows. First, antiquity has it’s opinion about shadows. Second, Carl Jung has two opinions / theories. Third, I discovered “The Opera Omnia”, which is not an opera but 8 volume old book which dedicates one entire volume to shadows and fourth, Robert Lewis Stevenson notes in his book ” The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” , ” a man is not one but two.”

Antiquity calls shadows Guardians, They believed that shadows exists as delimitation’s between good and evil. That the forces of evil are afraid of shadows.

Jung’s Shadow People are a sort of paranormal apparatus which can be seen by the corner of one’s eyes. Jung also talked about the individual and the collective shadows. In his view, each person has a shadow as a separate entity, but the shadows as of all people together also form another separate entity. Jung does not say whether shadows have a positive or negative influence on the individual, but he does speak about ways of investigating one’s own shadow. Shadows are regarded as highly powerful entities and they are not thought to be material.

The field of mathematics addressed shadows: Every number multiplied by zero equals zero. In that sense, shadows are equal to zero because they can stop any entity and turn to non existence. If it tries to oppose the shadow’s will. After all this, the question remains, If Heaven is the Shadow of God, and Hell is the Shadow of the Devil, is Life the Shadow of a Dream?

Maybe, just maybe, we should be paying more attention to our shadows.

From: excerpts : Bringing the Secret Story of Shadows to Light 30/May? 2016 and Carl Jung ” The Shadow and the Hidden Power of Our Dark Side. “


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