Note: During this segment Nick Bortrom puts together the logic and formulas that demonstrate and measure

(a) the fraction of all human-level technological civilizations that survive to reach a posthuman stage.

(b) An average number of ancestor realities run by a posthuman civilization.

(c) An average number of individuals that have lived in a civilization before it reaches posthuman.

He concludes via his formulas that “Because of the immense computing power of posthuman civilizations, N is extremely large, as we saw in the previous section. By inspecting (*) we can then see that at least one of the following there propositions must be true. “

This section is a tough part to write about because I lack the proper keyboard. I did photograph the section directly from Bostrom’s paper for your review. If you read it and substitute the symbols for meaning and just follow simple mathematics the full picture will become rather clear. Very interesting indeed.

Another note: the next section will be: V. A BLAND INDIFFERENCE PRINCIPLE by Nick Bostrom


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