Senator for Vermont, USA; Bernard Sanders.

Pull out your dictionary, even if you know the meaning of the words. I do this regularly. It’s like renewing your vows to language and clarity.

Senator Bernard Sanders (Sanders hereon) is a wonderful, awesome, breaking all parameters salesperson. The ability to sell is the most undervalued talent in the world. Essential to Sanders political ambitions is his outer-worldly ability to close the sale. Salesmanship is the cornerstone of the true Demagogue.

Demagoguery, a political scientist will tell you, is the politician that embraces all of your desires and wraps them into promises and feeds them right back at you; constituents, voters, holders of power and owners of the keys to his kingdom.

Demagogues, as a rule, always want something from you in exchange of the many promises they make. There is never any intent on their behalf to deliver on their promises. This is the true nature of the true demagogue. To lie to your face. with a big smile.

Sanders prototype of demagoguery publicly embraces Socialism. He sells himself as that great guy who wishes to give you all that you need and deserve. More money, affordable housing, free healthcare. This is his sales pitch. He wishes you to embrace his wanting to give you what you have told him you want and need. He wants you to trust him as your savior. He wants you to accept his brand of socialism as yours. Beautiful isn’t it? It could be and should be if the provider of these promises and solutions had any idea about what he is talking about. But no, it’s just a sale. It’s nothing more than a dangerous demagogues sale.

Let’s give Sanders a closer look. First and foremost he is a Capitalist. He desires great wealth for himself with minimum or no effort. Sanders is known to be lazy. Flexing muscles and rolling up his sleeves is not in his make-up. Let someone else do the heavy lifting. How does this salesman extraordinaire, secret demagogue, public socialist fulfill his personal capitalist dreams? Listen carefully. By closing the socialist sale. Getting you, fellow citizen, to buy into his make believe socialist bag of tricks. He claims that fair redistribution of our countries assets will go directly into your pockets.

His lies hide and deny his true secret calling: Communist. His preferred type of Communism is the format implemented by Fidel Castro during the Cuban takeover. All of the Cubans people assets were nationalized. The concept of private property eradicated. Cuban assets and wealth was never redistributed to “the people”. Billions of dollars were shifted into the Castro family offshore accounts. In the mean time the Cuban people live in the fifty’s, frozen in time.

The fastest, most effective way for any individual to attain and secure extraordinary wealth is by stealing it from others. Have you heard the expression “other people’s money”? Sanders political scheme takes it to another level. What greater hit for a conman than an entire country’s assets right into his pocket.

In summary, Sanders is first a capitalist, meaning that his primary goal is money in his pocket. Second, his political platform is socialist, which should mean money in your pocket, but doesn’t, since he cannot deliver on promises. Third, his great secret is being a communist, which means that in the end of his charade all of your assets will end up in his pocket. This completes the cycle of Sanders, the capitalist. All for him if you buy into his lies.

He certainly has hit a spot in our society caused by the greed of the few over the many. There is true injustice that needs to be seriously addressed but Sanders intentions are to replace one injustice with another. Therefore, what’s the point? The Cubans that backed Castro lived to regret it. I’ve met and had lengthy conversations with many. Beautiful people and heartbreaking to learn of their misery. You, my fellow Americans, you have been warned.

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