Top five CEO pay and compensation analysis by Wall Street Journal of S & P 500 leaders. I picked the top five so you get the general picture of the amount of wealth they “earn” annually. The media CEO pay reaches 12.1 million per year.

1- Stephen Kaufer , Trip Advisor / 2016 salary $1.2 MM / 2017 salary $47.9MM / Pay Change plus 3787%

2- Jeff Bewkes , Time Warner / 2016 salary $32.6 MM / 2017 salary $49.0 / Pay Change Plus 50.2%

3-W Nikholas Honleg, Trans Digm / Salary 2016 $18.9 MM / Salary 2017 $61.0 MM Pay Change plus 223%

4- Leslie Moonves, CBS / Salary 2016 $69.6MM / Salary 2017 $69.3 Pay change minus 0.3%

5- Hock Tan, Broadcom / Salary 2016 $24.7 MM / Salary 2017 $103.2 MM Pay Change Plus 318%

The Federal Minimum Wage for covered non exempt employees is $7.025 per hour. US Dept of Labor

January 01, 2019 it will be increased to $11.10/ hour. This would mean @ 40 hour week $444.00 per week . Try living on that. You have the power to change this. Do it.


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