The media is wildly discussing that we will soon be last generation of humans on planet Earth. Fools and tools like Jeff Bezos are openly discussing the need to find another habitable planet, a Plan B, since this one is on it’s deathbed. Some politicians and activists are poking the many billionaires on their extreme accumulation of wealth with total disregard for anything else. In circles we go, round and round, while thousands of species become extinct every single day. Poof! Done forever. Our number is on that list, in case you were wondering.

My mind, the wanderer, seeks doable solutions. One of them, I think, is each of us becoming aware. really aware, that PLASTIC IS NOT BIODEGRADABLE. It takes up to 1,000 years for your plastic to decompose. The Plastic Plague has been imposed upon us by the fossil fuel lobby and their corporate warmongers. Why? Plastic is a derivative of fossil fuel and the more plastic you consume the more money they make . Yep, easy as apple pie. Any concern for consequences has been squashed, silenced, deleted and ignored. I’ve read that scientists warn that by year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. We can’t eat plastic? Surprise, You are already eating plastic since it has found it’s way into our food chain at cellular level. I’m warning you. Change your ways or die. Not later, now. It’s imperative that you look around you and make changes to save yourself and others.


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