If you spent a million dollars a day…/

every single day since Jesus was born…/

you still would not have spent as much…/

as Congress did in the Stimulus Bill./

Now, let’s quadruple that amount..,/

And we’ll have the cost of the Iraq war… (WhatdoUMeme.com/

Sooo, let’s test this. /

$1MM / day since Jesus’ birth @ 2019 X 365 X 4 =/

736,935 x 1mm =735,935,000,000 X 4 =/

$2,947,740,000,000 aka rounded t0 $3 Trillion Dollars/

Wikipedia states that ” as of 2017 the cost of the Iraq was was $2.45 Trillon. Bingo, the Meme is right. /

In the mean time the criminals in the White House that dragged our sorry asses into this unfounded war roam this Earth free. Explain that, it you may. /


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