Yesterday I wrote a brief blog about Gorillas and some of their habits. One that stood out to me is that they have a male CEO for their 40 member families. It’s how they live and survive.

Today I was interested in exploring male/female inequality in our society. The never ending feud over reproductive rights, equal pay, fair representation in politics, therefore government.

Being a woman I know first hand that the odds are stacked against me everywhere I go, whatever I do. I had never explored if the cause could be genetic instead of societal until now. Why does it appear to be an unmovable dogma that women are to be controlled by men and at every turn reminded that we are less than. Well, the Gorilla’s jumped up into my mind and a new scenario, a proper set of questions appeared before me. Are we still cave dwellers with better built caves? In spite of the many advances in society are we so entrenched in our genetic social code that we cannot break away and become free of it? Men drag us by the hair to the cave to mate and we like it? Ouch. If this is the case, the problem before us is that unlike the Gorilla social grouping, the women and children are NOT protected by the male. They, we are the poorest demographic group and have been forever. This cave dwelling type society would explain so much. Women wearing T-Shirts with arrows pointing to their privates inviting Trump to grab them you know where. Wow! Who knew? Touch my hair and I’ll cut your arm off!


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