The New York Times; ” Almost overnight, everything has changed.” 3/12/20

“The virus laid bare the severe shortcomings of the current administration.” Mr. Biden

“We have an administration that is largely incompetent and whose incompetence and recklessness have threatened the lives of many, many people in this country.” Mr. Sanders

The incumbents response to the present danger that the Coronavirus pandemic had dropped at our front door has followed an incredible path. He started with his claim that the virus is a “hoax, created by Democrats intended to make him look bad.” Then the news media engaged in a massive misinformation campaign insisting that the use of protective gear was of no relevance, which is not true. The incumbents total disregard for preparedness, as other countries warned that Coronavirus was highly infectious and deadly. Governors attempted to purchase equipment while Mr. Trump had his people outbid them. In the mean time hospital personnel and patients are becoming infected and losing their lives.

Then the stock market danced the Cha-Cha, fluctuating, as if it was also infected, and the wealthy oligarch’s who own this country started to cry a river for their losses. The US Government continued to treat the pandemic with annoyance and disregard while consoling the billionaires of the land. Finally, Mr. Trump declares that grandparents of this country should offer their lives to save the stock market from further losses. Also, that everyone should get back to work. Tell me, is this a bad movie. May I leave? Will someone please change the channel. In the end the oligarchs scored a touchdown for their already loaded pockets securing trillions of dollars for their already loaded portfolio’s while those citizens suffering real losses of health and property get a hand-out, maybe. Begging for our own money. The indecency of this offends and pains the simplest of souls.

My preliminary conclusion is that Mr. Trump was unable to start the war he needed to secure his second term so he welcomed a plague to decimate, disorient, and unravel the people of this country. Will there be a 2020 election? I don’t know. Please do not take it for granted. Remember that Mr. Trump has been hammering the subject that a 4 year term is too short since the day he occupied the presidency. Republicans has been putting this game on the board for about 40 years and they are about to call Checkmate.


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